Out of this World Fishing!
(a whale shark)

Catfish the size of a small car.

"The World's Largest Catfish" catch happened in Thailand:
(more info - that is a 646-pound Mekong giant catfish)

This is, by the way, officially the largest freshwater fish ever caught...

Here are more record catfish catches:

This one was caught in France: 106kg, 2.5 meters

Spain: 101kg

Germany: 83kg, 2.2 meters

Kazakhstan: 130kg, 2.6 meters

"Fish in Distress" Needs Saving

According to this source an eight-inch basketball was stuck in a catfish' mouth - the 50-pound fish could not swim or dive, so Wichita resident Bill Driver used a knife to poke the hole in the ball and deflate it:

This fish is also asking for trouble:

More fish misadventures:

The Cutest of the Bunch

Aww! Look at this friendly whale! -

Here is a baby stingray that you'll remember for the rest of your week, guaranteed:

(original unknown)

White Eye Morel Eel:

Another "alien" on Earth: pretty endearing sea dragon (a Triops) -

The Blue Dragon - pelagic sea slug:

(original unknown)

The cutest of them all: an Axolotl - a freshwater salamander:

The one with the biggest "cuteness factor" is the albino - white, almost transparent Axolotl. They are priceless creatures (made to be worshiped by Japanese schoolgirls)

Most Vicious of the Bunch

We all know this is "fish-eats-fish" world -

Sharks... awesome creatures:

The "flying sharks" pictorial is something not to be missed - see it here:

Goliath Tiger Fish:

Want to catch the wickedest-looking fish, and snap pictures that are going to be forwarded by scared grandmas all over the internet? 

Go to the Congo River (or Lake Tanganyika in Central Africa) and try to catch a Goliath Tiger Fish (aka African tigerfish or giant tigerfish), or Hydrocynus Goliath. Just make sure not to go swimming in these waters, as this kind of fish indeed is known to attack humans (the only freshwater fish in Africa that would do so) -

This company will set up a fishing expedition for you.
There is plenty of toothy fish in these waters:

The Ugliest of the Bunch

These live mostly at significant depths, so it's highly unlikely that they will be fished out. But if you do, then - don't make a false move in your boat:

This giant grouper is not really ugly, but rather imposing with its 5-foot size:

Going Deeper - See the spell-binding gallery of "creatures of the abyss

Here is a really ugly monk-fish (which a lot of people consider a delicacy!) -

Hope this aquarium has thick glass:

Speaking of ugly catches, you might have seen already the infamous "Mr. Blobby":

"A Fathead (genus Psychrolutes) trawled during the NORFANZ expedition at a depth between 1013 m and 1340 m, on the Norfolk Ridge, north-west of New Zealand, June 2003"

Fish Tales

This fish was given the opportunity to speak out (as part of 1945 research). Must be some hair-raising tales, judging by how scared it looks.

or you can interview them underwater -

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