Desert Wildflowers Breathe Life Into The Desolate 

First Blooms
The cracked Colorado Desert doesn’t usually provide conditions favorable for blooming
 flowers, but every now and again, deserts do see rainfall. When that happens, 
certain wildflowers (such as the bee plant and scorpionweed) creep up through the
 cracks and decorate the landscape for a mere few days before wilting and dying in a 
process that can last for several years. Capturing these simultaneously fleeting yet 
enduring spectacles of nature is photographer Guy Tal.
Desert Wildflowers Rare Beauty

Desert Wildflowers Vortex
While the subject matter, composition, and lighting of these photographs are certainly 
noteworthy on their own, further examination into the man behind the camera reveals 
that he’s more of a philosopher than a photographer.
Desert Wildflowers Survivor

Cracks In Ground

Desert Wildflowers Seasonal Effect
“It’s a strange business I’m in; one often misunderstood. There’s no real word for what I do
 and maybe it’s time to put a name to it. My job is to be inspired. I make my living conveying
 the inspiration I find to others, in various ways. I photograph, I write, I teach, I interact.
 What does that make me? My photography is not about photographs; my writing is not
 about words; my teaching is not about facts; and my interactions are not about being 
social. There’s a higher purpose – the experience. Am I an experiencer?”
Desert Wildflowers Skull

Early Purples

Desert Wildflowers Swan Song
Tal further explains that he doesn’t make things for a living; he lives for a living.
 And how does one truly “live”, in the eyes of Guy Tal? By fully immersing oneself into
 whatever stimulus the Earth conjures up, allowing your senses to be sparked, and 
capturing nuggets of beauty – in both words and images – along the way. 
Tal’s writing style evokes all of that; just a small paragraph about an autumn
 morning ritual from his website leads us into a snapshot of his world -where every
 sense is able to find something to linger on.
Desert Wildflowers Morning

Alluvial Rug

Streaming Color

Desert Wildflowers Playa

Desert Wildflowers Blue Passage

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