In a world where you can express your creativity and talent in any way or form, here are some examples of sushi dishes that have an artistic edge to it. It has received a fair bit of popularity and more Chef's are testing their creative side with this art form.
Hello Kitty is a common piece of Sushi art practiced in Japan, the home of Sushi. Hello Kitty Sushi illustration come in different sizes as well as colors.

Sushi Chef's across the world have started creating representation of Panda to exercise their creativity, beginning from simple panda faces to full bodied version of this endangered species, these delicacies are gaining popularity like wild fire.
Some Chef's choose to take the really simple path, and make designs like flowers, drangonflies or butterflies that make for beautiful quick bites, while others use the same idea with more intricacy. Using the usual suspects as far as colors are concerned with no artificial coloring, you will see these being served in Sushi buffets or as starters. And even though they are small and petite, they still have the potential to showcase the Chef's Talent.
Pokemon is another cartoon that has been mimiced in Sushi form. Pokemon is a well known cartoon and this probably one of the most commonly used Sushi representations in Sushi art. Because of its simplicity, Pokemon has been crafted by many a Sushi Chef.
Penguin Sushi, much like Panda Sushi could become the quintessential sushi art subject, given the largely monochromatic theme, requiring the minimum ingredients to make but allowing infinite room for the chef to express his or her creativity.
Certain Chef's have designed Sushi Art following events that happen all the way across the Pacific in the USA. With a rich blend of bright colors here is a piece that depicts President Obama's first Election Campaign. The colors used perfectly to show not only the colors of the Flag of the United States of America, but also skin tone of Presidet Obama!
Inculcating the green of vegetables to mimic what one can only assume is a catepillar, this one is pure genius! Its been crafted to look like a crawly bug in motion, and to think this is one that is deliciously edible. The body is made up of rice and the back is made up of, what looks to be Kiwi fruit giving it that greenish coloring.
Another beautiful creation is this one, which has been put together to represent the Sydney Harbour and all of its beauty. The colors blend together perfectly and one can only hope that this plate tastes as delicious as it looks!
The master piece below is one of the biggest pieces of Sushi art ever done, with a melange of colors and flavours the creating Chef has plated them in a circular manner in perfect harmony. The Centre of the piece is in the shape of a heart and the Flag of China inside the heart.

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