Fearless Photographers & Pictures 

Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death.  This is the supreme belief that has led the following photographers to go where few have gone before.  Given below are the exceptional pictures taken by those for whom thrill-seeking is an everyday job.

fearless collage

 bear 2
These stunning shots were taken by Igor Gushchin.  It’s two of many taken at Kronotsky Nature Reserve in Russia.  What makes these photos so special is the fact that is it extremely risky being so close to wild bears.

lighteninglightening 2
This daredevil photographer positions himself directly in the path of fatal strikes of lightening. Mitchell Krog, 39, has been fascinated with massive thunderstorms since childhood. This photograph named “Monumental Chaos” was taken just outside Pretoria.

feet danglingfeet dangling 2
feet dangling 3
The following photos may induce a feeling of queasiness inside you. A gutsy photographer from Detroit named Dennis Maitland recently started a scary series where he takes photos of himself with his feet dangling off the edge. A noteworthy fact is that he doesn’t use a remote to shoot these photos but takes them all by hand. 

skywalking 2
Skywalking is the latest trend to hit the internet.  It basically consists of Russian photographers making their way up to stomach-churning heights and clicking photos that give you shots like never before.  Many of these photographers are in their teens.
grand canyon
grand canyon 2
These photographs were taken by a marketing consultant, Hans can de Vorst, 47, in an attempt to track down the mysterious daredevil leaping between the rocks of the Grand Canyon. 

This amazing picture was clicked by Amos Nachoum, an underwater expert who guides brave scuba divers to see with the large creatures.  This great white shark was photographed from just a few feet away in the waters off the coastal Mexican resort of Guadalupe. 

They say some people will go to any length to complete their work. However, fearless photographer Skarphedinn Thrainsson gives it a whole new meaning by hovering around the deadliest volcanoes.

clarkclark 2
Born in Napa, California in 1968, this award-winning photographer captures stunning pictures of waves like never before.  Clark’s view if often a dangerous and rare view of the waves from inside out.

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