Haiti earthquake survivors blockade roads with piles of corpses in protest at lack of aid

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Desperate Haitians have set up roadblocks with corpses in Port-au-Prince to protest at the delay in emergency aid reaching them after the devastating earthquake.
Thousands of injured people spent a third night twisted in pain, lying on pavements waiting for help as their despair turned to anger.
'We've been out here waiting for three days and three nights but nothing has been done for us, not even a word of encouragement from the president,' said Pierre Jackson, nursing his mother and sister who lay whimpering with crushed legs.
'What should we do?'
Bodies fill the front yard of the morgue in Port-au-Prince. Angry survivors have started using corpses as road blocks
Haiti earthquake
Despair: Shocked crowds throng the ruined streets, many homeless, many simply afraid to go into any building
An aerial view shows a ruined cathedral after Tuesday's earthquake. Troops and planeloads of food and medicine streamed into Haiti to aid a traumatised nation
Desperate Haitians blocked streets with corpses in one part of Port-au-Prince to demand quicker relief efforts following Tuesday's catastrophic quake, which flattened buildings and killed tens of thousands, leaving countless others homeless.
Bodies lay all around the hilly city, and people covered their noses with cloth to block the stench of death.
Corpses were piled on pickup trucks and delivered to the General Hospital in Port-au-Prince, where hospital director Guy LaRoche estimated the bodies piled outside the morgue numbered 1,500.

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