Crete, Panorama

Kournas Lake

Welcome to Matala

The bay of Matala
According to the Greek myth;When Zeus seduced the princess Europa in the form of a white bull, 
he crossed the sea and brought her to the beach of Matala.

Matala caves
The artificial caves in the cliff of the Matala bay were created in the Neolithic Age.



Melidoni Cave

Knossos-is the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete and is considered Europe's oldest city


The Arkadi Monastery ( Moni Arkadiou) is a 16th century monastery.


The temple of Asclepius,Lissos,Chania

Agia Triada Monastery Church,Chania

15.Memorial at Ano Meros,Chania
​On 22 August 1944 a number of villages in the Amari valley were attacked by German units. 
The residents were forced to leave their homes. Men were, according to some prepared list, 
and sometimes for no apparent reason, separated and executed by their families. On the monument 38 names are mentioned, 
including four women who were murdered by the Germans on this day. Most of the houses and the church were destroyed.

The Ethnological Museum of Vori, Crete

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