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Dominating the skyline of Arkhangelsk, a city in Russia's far north-west, it is believed to be the world's tallest wooden house, soaring 13 floors to reach 144ft. The house that Sutyagin built is also crumbling, incomplete and under threat of demolition from city authorities determined to end the former convict's eccentric 15-year project. He even built a five-storey bath house in the garden, complete with rooms where he and his colleagues could have a little bit of privacy with their girlfriends. But Sutyagin was never to complete his dream. Stone house with the pre-revolutionary vernacular architecture is an incredible idea to furnish your homes with the distinctive appearance. Stone house, sounds like a traditional notion and is a common site in the village. Here are unusual futuristic home design by Karim Rashid. This unique and futuristic interior are made of Corian materials that was a project during Milan Design Week 2010. The interior has a futuristic look, soft organic shapes of walls and furniture and modern equipment. It includes a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and a living room. here is also an outdoor terrace, called the “Eko Bank, which has an automated system to collect rainwater used to irrigate the green mantle of self-grass planted in an undulating curves of the seat. This concept is the next step in the world of modern design and modular construction.

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