Beautiful History Of Amritsar Golden Temple 

The Golden temple history states that it was the ideas of the Guru Arjan Sahib. The Golden temple wallpaper is no where able to showcase the wonder of this most beautiful temple built completely in the color of gold. The golden temple in amritsar is the mainly high of every sikh shrines. our centuries since, the third sikh guru amar das asked guru ram das to make a essential situate in favor of the flock of the sikhs and so the golden temple was build. The Golden temple is the most famous holy places of the Sikhs and the Sikhs from all over the world come to visit it. The Golden Temple is a must visit for all to see the splendor. The best time to visit it is from September to April. Golden temple India is also known by a different name such as the Harmandir Sahib. It is located in Amritsar, which is in Punjab.

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