Wacky racers unveiled by India's most bizarre motor manufacturer
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Last updated at 4:02 PM on 19th February 2010

It must be the World's most bizarre selection of vehicles. 
The snooker table, tennis ball and cricket bat are guaranteed to turn heads as they speed you home at up to 50km per hour.
Designer Kanyaboyina Sudhakar made this life-size snooker table-styled motorcar to measure for the world's finest players..
Potty idea: A driver takes aim on Kanyaboyina' s novelty car designed in the shape of a table in Hyderabad, India
It's wicket! Kanyaboyina' s cricket bat motor was designed to cheer on his team in the World Cup
The 48-year-old designed the vehicle to the exact dimensions of a standard International snooker table and fitted it with a 150cc engine.
Complete with head lights, indicators, suspension and steering the radical vehicle can drive at speeds of up to 50km an hour.
'I designed this to commemorate the World Snooker Championships and when I took it there all the players used it,' said Kanyaboyina.
'I like to make cars for occasions, like the cricket bat to cheer on our team in the world cup.' 
Motor mug: You really can whisk her away in this Valentines cup of love
You'll love it! A vehicle designed like a tennis ball
Kanyaboyina started designing outrageous vehicles as a student 25 years ago.
He scours scrap yards for all his materials, including the engines, and spends hours in his workshop constructing the incredible creations.
His collection now includes cricket balls, cameras, a basketball, computer, valentine cup and a cigarette.
This giant cigarette took 11 days to build and Kanyaboyina simply cut it up in front of a captivated crowd in a bid to get people to kick the habit.
Burning! Kanyaboyina cut up his cigarette-style car to convince people to stop smoking

The street top? A novelty car designed in the image of a computer
The printing company managing director hopes to make 100 crazy cars and enter the Guinness Book of Records for the largest collection.
'I enjoy making every car,' said Kanyaboyina, from Andhra Pradesh State in southern India.
'Each one is like a child to me, I finish it and I see a project complete.' 
Each functional design, complete with suspension capable of negotiating India's potholed roads, costs about £1,000.   
His next projects include a baby elephant, handbag and children's characters.  
All his cars are on display in his museum in Hyderabad, India.

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